As the old year ended
and the new one started
I became invisible
I have disappeared from the
world and no one can see,
hear or feel me – it is like
I’m not there anymore

After midnight when the
lights were out and
everything was silent
and calm, it felt like the
darkness embraced me
and pulled me away

In the darkness there were
no sound or noise to
disturb all of the senses,
there was only a completely
silence that only the
soul could feel

The silence and the loneliness
were so deep that the tears
quietly ran down my cheeks
and my soul was ripped apart
as I realized that I had
disappeared from the world

No words from others
came to my rescue and as the
the old year went away and the clock
struck midnight I slowly faded
into the darkness

I became invisible

(Januar 2021) ©