How to find the faith
that I have lost?
Where to find it
I don’t know

I don’t know where
to look for it
I only know that
I have lost the faith
in believing that
there is more to this world
than the eye can see

How to find the connection
to spirits and the universe
and the trust that they are
with you always?

Why did my faith
disappear so suddenly?
Why do I question that
there is more than meets the eye?
I don’t know the answers to
all of the questions that
has hit me at this time
I only know that losing
faith in this is very hard on me

How do I find the faith
in spirits and the universe again?
How do I find my way back?
I really need to find the way back
because I’m about to
give up on all things

(Juli 2020) ©